RITSEC CTF 2018 Information


Each team may have up to 5 team members. Teams comprised of 5 RIT students are eligible for prizes.

Each team should create a single account in the CTF engine. This account should be shared among the team members.


The CTF organizers and challenge authors will be online in our Discord server during the event. Check the CTF engine at ctf.ritsec.club for the join link to the Discord server.

If you have questions about any of the challenges, hop into the relevant category channel on Discord to see if there are any hints/announcements about the challenge. If you still have a question, ask to talk to a challenge author and they will join DMs with you to discuss your question.


Teams will be awarded points for challenges once they submit the proper flag for the challenge. Each challenge has a single flat point value. There will not be extra points for "first blood" or other early solves.

If a team is able to prove they can solve the challenge, but there are technical difficulties that are preventing them from being awarded the points, a challenge author or CTF organizer may award the team the points for the challenge.